Child-Safe Blinds: Everything You Need To Know

​​Originally published by Elite Window Fashions.

​Health Canada mandates that all window treatments manufactured and sold in Canada with visible control cords or loops must be supplied with cord / chain tension devices.

If installed properly, these tension devices will keep control cord / chain loops taught and prevent possible ​strangulation.

​What should I look for when checking my blinds for child safety?

​Check that any cords or loops are tightly secured onto the side of your window.

Look for the following brackets, and if they are missing, ask your local window blind company to install them for you:


Cordless Blinds

Cordless controls make use of internal spring mechanisms to allow the window treatment to be operated by hand, without the use of any control cords or chains.

Ask your local window blind company about their cordless options.

Motorized Blinds

​Blinds and shades with internal electric motors eliminate the hazards of cord and chain controls. Motors can be powered by battery packs (rechargeable or replaceable batteries), DC low voltage power, or AC 120V power. Automated shades can also be set to timers and can react to sunlight conditions for added privacy and energy savings.

Nearly 1 child ​gets injured every month as a result of blind cord strangulation. Inspect all your window blinds, and ​remember to call your local window blinds company for further advice.

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