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It is a long-standing tradition in my family to make omelettes on Sundays after church. Since I was a child, someone would start beating eggs as soon as we walked in the door, while the others set the table and hurried to find the perfect ingredients for the filling.

When I left home I sadly discovered I could not make an omelette. They we're undercooked, or fell apart, or ended with a terrible texture. I switched to cooking eggs overhard on Sunday afternoons.

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I was happily surprised to find out my brother is a master omelette chef. Since he's been living with us he's cooked me up more omelettes than I can count. I finally decided that rather than become omelette-dependant, my brother should teach me how to make one myself.

Here's how to do it in case you, too, have struggles with omelette-making.

Omelettes, by Abe

Start with three eggs in a bowl. While you're starting, heat a frying pan over medium heat.

Whisk those eggs til they're a consistent texture.

Add a decent-sized pat of butterenough to cover the whole pan. Swirl around. (Don't let the butter sit too long or it will turn to browned butterwhich is also delicious, but not with omelettes).

Pour the eggs into the pan and swirl til they also cover the whole pan. Let cook for a few moments. Once you notice the liquid reducing and the eggs firming up, add your fillings.

I'm partial to sauted onions and cheese on mine, but also would suggest bacon, spinach, and avocado as excellent fillings.

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