Tequila Lime Chipotle Chicken Tacos !!

OK folks, if your idea of spicing things up a bit south of the border is some mild jarred salsa, then this recipe probably isn't for you. Your head might spontaneously combust. If you want a great mix of spice and layers of flavor that would outnumber an onion's skin, then this is it.

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A couple weeks ago, I talked my wife (granny smith green herself) into letting me get a little crazy once a week with some "gourmet" tacos of my own frankenstein creation. Predominantly soft tacos, just to clear that up, but there's no reason you couldn't use a hard taco. Apparently, when I hit a homerun, she'll let me guest blog about it here. So who knows, maybe this is my one and only shot at foodie fame and non-fortune.

This week it's Tequila Lime Chipotle Chicken Tacos !!

Sounds good doesn't it? Here's what you need to put it together. This recipe treated about 3 boneless chicken breasts (about 1.5 pounds), which made about 7 soft 8-inch tacos. Normally we'd use the smaller ones, but that's what we had in the fridge. The first thing to do is freeze the chicken breast, as it is much easier to slice thin. The ultimate goal is to end up with small medallions about 3/16 inches thick. Give or take a little, just make sure they are all equal thickness so they cook even.

Next on the agenda is to get the marinade ready. You'll want to combine all ingredients in a food processor. Once you have the marinade you'll want to put your chicken medallions in a plastic ziplock bag with the marinade, make sure you get good coverage. Once it's all in the bag, massage to distribute. I'd recommend sticking it in the fridge and leave overnight to really absorb some of that flavor.

You'll want to wait until just before you eat to make the dressing to make sure it's fresh. The dressing will also substitute as a side dish with some chips. The dressing is essentially a play on my wife's awesome chunky guacamole. Depending on the number of people eating you'll want 2 to 3 ripe avacados. For the two of us 2 would have been fine. Once you get the avacado sliced in half and the pit removed, you'll want to run a bunch of parallel knife cuts in the flesh while it's still inside the skin. Shoot for about 3/8-inch squares. Careful not to cut through the skin and your hand.

Once you cut the cubes, it's easy to just scoop out with spoon into a bowl. Once you get the avacdos converted to chunks in the bowl, squeeze the juice of one lime over the avacados. Not only will it add flavor, but it will help keeping the guacamole from oxidizing and turning brown. You'll want to add salt and pepper to taste. (A note here, we always have homemade salsa in the house, at this point to make this into my wife's awesome guacamole, you would mix in some salsa at a ratio of 2 parts avacados to 1 part salsa. You want the star to be the avacado.)

For the dressing in the tacos, we are going sans salsa. So don't add the salsa to the avocado.

You should be making this dressing right before you cook the chicken or if you're really smooth in the kitchen, while it's cooking (the fresher the better). In a hot skillet, dump the contents of the ziplock bag into the skillet. Try and use a pan that isn't too small so you can get an even spread on the chicken. If the pan is too small the chicken will steam instead of saute. Once the chicken is done, scoop them out and keep in a covered bowl/dish so it stays warm while you finish the sauce. Keep the pan uncovered and reduce the sauce down to a paste consistency. This will probably happen pretty quickly.

Along with the dressing you'll want to chop op the other half of that bunch of cilantro (see ingredient list) as well and slice another lime.

Steam up some of the soft tacos to get them ready. We generally use wet papertowels between layers and throw them in the microwave for 30-45 seconds.

Once the suace is ready, tortillas steamed, and the dressing is made, you are ready to assemble. Lay out enough chicken to cover the bottom, add in some of the chunky avacados, sprikle in some cilantro, a little bit of chedder cheese, a squeeze of lime, and a little sauce from the pan.

Roll it up and..........


That was flavor that just exploded into your mouth!! Serve the tacos with some of the avacados tossed with salsa and chips for a light side.


1.5 pounds of boneless chicken breast

Marinade Ingredients:

5-tsp of Tequila (Jose Cuervo or similar is fine)

1/4 cup of Extra VIrgin Olive Oil

1/2 a bunch of Cilantro

2 small limes juiced

1/2 7-oz. can of Chipotles in Adobo. This is where you can really control the heat. If you like more, feel free to use more (I like a whole can myself, but I'm not sweating when I eating, it's not hot enough)

Salt to taste (maybe a teaspoon)

Dressing/Side Ingredients:

2 to 3 avacados cubed up chunky style

juice of a small lime

salt and pepper to flavor

1/2 bunch of cilantro chopped

fine shredded cheddar cheese

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