Activities you can do while packing!

Dance - The packing dance is fun and easy to do because your usually doing at same time as you pack. Put your favorite songs on your radio or ipod and watch as time flys by. Average song is about 4 minutes or so, so listening to 20 songs can add up to about 1 hour and 20 minutes of packing.

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Read - No we are not talking about reading a book while you pack but listening to an audio book instead. Its a great way to keep your mind off the fact that you need to pack all those boxes for moving and catch up on a book you want to read.

Chat - With yourself or your your other fellow packing people in the room. Nothing makes time go by faster then talking to a friend in person or on the phone but make sure if it's the phone, have it on speaker or a hands free kit so you can keep packing boxes while you yap.

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