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Lets start with Coronary Heart Disease. LDL (low density lipoproteins) cholesterol and homocysteine, an amino acid, appear in the blood as tiny spheres that adhere to the artery wall. Once they build up there they start to oxidize or decay. The immune system sees these decaying fragments as a risk to health and sends in immune cells to the artery tissue to do away with the decaying LDL andhomosystiene particles. When the immune cells consume the particles they become bloated. This becomes a fatty streak. Soon it gets so big the artery tissue hardens. This is like a boil filled with cholesterol, immune cell waste, and other blood elements. This boil protrudes out into the artery passageway. This impedes blood flow!! This is called atherosclerosis. Eventually, the immune cell attack causes the plaque to become unstable and erupt. This leaves an open wound inside the artery wall, just like a cut in your skin. Then a clot forms and scabs up inside the artery wall. This becomes a thrombus. If it breaks away it causes blockage to the brain or heart. The immune reaction that helps create these events is referred to as INFLAMMATION . This inflammatory process, which started out to be an acute situation, has now become a chronic problem.

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Chronic inflammation can also contribute to the development of Type II Diabetes, which, in case you haven't heard is reaching epidemic proportions in this country. Cells only need a certain amount of blood sugar to function properly. When eating a high sugar diet your body tries to burn the excess sugar. BUT, in order to do that, it must force sugar into the cells with insulin where it can be burned. At a certain point the cells say TOO MUCH and won't allow the sugar into the cell. Additionally, elevated blood lipid levels add to insulin resistance because they coat the outside of the cell wall where the insulin receptors are. A double whammy . This creates INFLAMMATION in the cell. This can lead to high blood sugar issues and the result can be Type II Diabetes. Hopefully, you don't view Type II Diabetes as something small and insignificant. It has SERIOUS health and quality of life implications.

Speaking of quality of life, Alzheimers is also on the rise. So how does inflammation play a role here? In the brain glial cells that nourish and communicate with the neurons can produce inflammatory cytokines that call additional immune cells into action. Once you get chronic glial cell activation you end up with a chronic inflammatory state. If the communication within the neurons is inhibited the result is a befuddled mind.

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