Why it is part of sales strategy to know the 5 ways people show their status

Small business owners need to know these trends so that they can help people show off their status. Its back to the basics of your business; your providing a solution to a customers problem.

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Once you know the 5 ways that people show their status then you can work on a business strategy that ensures you are part of what constitutes your customers status.

There are certainly some new trends here, and ones that make sense when you look at them in this context.

Business owners who take advantage of this could find new ways of being valuable to their customers, and if you reviewing your sales strategy, then these new trends could be part of your review.

The 5 ways people show their status

Trendwatching concluded that the 5 ways that we are likely to show off our status are:-

  • Bigger,Better,harder
  • Generosity
  • Green credentials, and unconsumption
  • In the know and skills
  • Connectivity

The free Trendwatching report provides all the details you need on each of these aspects of showing off your status, and there is a link at the end of this article but before we go there let's take a look at how this affects your business.

Why status is important for your business

This is about your customers rather than your status. If your service or product can in some way help your customer reveal their status to their peers, colleagues and friends, then they will be happy to pay for that.

So from a sales strategy perspective; this is another selling benefit of your product or service.

How does your business help people elevate their status ? Can your green credentials help them ? Does the knowledge or skill that they get from you help their status ?

Status and fashion are siblings

Fashion changes, and so does what counts as status. So whatever are those things that people count as status items at the moment, your business will need to be aware that this will change; and you will need to be ready to react.

Its right now

The theme I saw running through the TrendWatching report is that the way people use your service or product to show their status is woven into the fabric of their lives. Increasing ways that we become connected mean that people are communicating more about what is going on in their lives; if your product or service is part of this then you will be talked about.

And this is happening right now. Think of your own behaviour recently; telling friends about awful service ? That great film ? A superb meal out ? Now think of how much of that you did online, in social media websites such as Facebook.

Go with the flow

Your business can take part in all this by going with the flow. It is unnecessary to work out why any of this happens, it is just in your advantage to follow the flow, go with the idea, and make sure your business is the one being talked about this.

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