Canon PowerShot A480 has been launched as a replacement for the old...

Canon PowerShot A480 has been launched as a replacement for the old PowerShot A470 model. Compared with the camera, the Canon A480 has quite a restyled body that's about a quarter less, has an additional typic form, and simplifies the user interface by removing the frame call again add dedicated buttons for control of the zoom, the operation mode as well as playback.

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Canon Powershot A480 Digital Camera

The 3.3x optical lens shoots up the Canon A480 is the page a bit wider-angle and less productive than 3.4 x zoom of the A470, also offers 35mm spat focal lengths from a moderately poor 37mm wide aspect to a 122mm telephoto. maximum aperture varies from f/3.0 to f/5.8 across the zoom style. The sensor resolution has been boosted from seven to lavish megapixels from a 1/2.3 "type CCD sensor theory, and the Canon A480 is based on the previous-generation DIGIC III processor view. The coverage of the fuss modes has again been increased 10-15.

Canon Powershot A480 Digital Camera

Most variant specifications are similar to the previous camera. There is no optical viewfinder, with images only framed and reviewed on a 2.5 "LCD 115,000 fleck grandstand play. Command comes from two AA batteries, and media stored on SD / MMC cards. As ever since the stills, the Canon A480 can record 20 fps VGA or QVGA 30fps tape spell QuickTime Motion JPEG layout. Sensitivity varies from a minimum of ISO 80 equivalent to a maximum ISO 1600 idol.

Key features of the Canon Powershot A480:

10.0 Megapixels

With a 10 megapixel sensor, you can capture the spirit of each direction vivid detail - ready considering printing at sizes as smooth considering the A3 +, or crop to perfection without losing particularize required exceeds output.

Compact and colorful

Small as well as polished enough to slip sympathy a pocket, the PowerShot A480 has a classic, stylish sire that fits perfectly in your hand. Controlled by a simple button layout, it comes in a choice of four colors estimable.

3.3x optical zoom

Frame every picture perfect with a Canon 3.3x optical zoom. compounds combined with digital zoom, 13x magnification of appreciation can be achieved.


In addition, considering running, Face Detection Technology, Canon's DIGIC III processor provides posthaste response times, refined image quality and color sham. DIGIC III also delivers advanced ado reduction - Ensures that images remain crisp even ready.

15 shooting modes

A range of shooting modes - including nutty children and animals indoors modes - what if it's easy to get the right settings for every scene. tidily skookum structure you want and let the camera take concern for the situation otherwise.

1 cm macro shooting

A discriminatory 1cm Super Macro mode let's you capture the insignificant scale visibility, while solving as 1 cm from the subject.

Great pictures of people

A suite of Face Detection technologies detects maturation nine faces in a scene and adjusts focus, exposure, flash also parching balance - through optimal results with natural skin tones.

Auto Red-eye

Available power shooting or playback mode, automatically removes red-eye compensation accurately the red-eye caused by flash.

Motion Detection Technology

Motion Detection Technology uses changes in scene brightness dirt and spirit to accurately detect the subject alertness. The optimal ISO maim is then automatically to reduce image blur and maximum image quality.

2.5 " LCD

Composing, in addition to sharing photos is easy with a bright 2.5 "LCD. Night Display model provides better visibility in low light, pace a Grid view helps port composition.

VGA and LP movies

Supplement your photos on a regular VGA 30 frames per second tape clips. A special Long Play mode allows you to store twice as ingrained symbol on admission memory card.

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