Top 10 Most Expensive Handbag Brands in the World

Handbags are really precious to us women especially the most expensive handbags brands (although almost none of us can afford them), and there isn't many women who would say, "I have enough handbags, I don't want any more." I never get satisfied with only a couple of handbags, I'm always seeking for new handbags, even unconsciously. There are so many beautiful, elegant and gorgeous (you name it) handbags and so many handbag types and brands to choose from. See below for the top 10 most expensive handbag brands in the world.

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10 Lana Marks

This brand surely doesn't fit the 10th place rank, but it clearly elucidates the great competition among the top handbag brands. Lana Marks is a brand which has been nominated as one among the top luxury fashion accessories. Today, they have a total of 150 different handbag styles in leather with 100 unique shades.

If you haven't heard of this brand before, it is one of the brands which many Hollywood celebrities have been using. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Charlize Theron and Drew Barrymore are some of the celebs that have used this brand. Angelina Jolie was spotted carrying a black clutch from Lana Marks as seen in the picture.

09 Hilde Palladino

Hilde Palladino is a relatively unknown norwegian luxury designer desite the great achievements she has made. She debuted as a fashion designer in 2001, and today she is widely known for her various luxury handbags.

One of her famous handbags, the Gadino bag was created from 39 diamonds and white crocodile skin. The bags she makes are often nominated as the most expensive bags in the world, and you may find them at high-end luxury stores such as Harvey Nichols and Bergdorf Goodman.

08 Prada

The brand Prada is widely known in the world for it's luxurious fashion. Prada was established in 1913 around the time Gucci was established. Their product line consist of clothing, handbags, perfumes, jewellery, footwear and watches. However, the most popular fashion products being sold are the handbags.

Each year they design several new handbags and exhibit them during the Fashion Weeks, and the design only improves!

07 Judith Leiber

On 7th place we find Judith Leiber, another luxury brand making handbags. The brand established by the hungarian Judith Leiber in 1963, got wide attention in Europe before it expanded to the world. The handbags are known for their bejeweled look with crystals and gems.

Today, she even makes handbags for the First Ladies in several countries. One of the handbags she made, the Precious Rose Bag, was created with 42 carats of sapphires, tourmaline and diamonds. The luxurious Precious Rose Bag sells for around $90.000.

06 Fendi

Another amazing Italian luxury fashion designer is Fendi. The brand Fendi was established by Edoardo and Adele Fendi in 1925. However today, the current Creative Director is the famous Karl Lagerfield. The most famous product to this day, is the B. Bag. It comes in different variations such as black crocodile, white lambskin and several other design and has a sleek and stylish look. The price tag is around $28,000. Another Fendi handbag which is regarded among the top wanted bags, is the Selleria. The design is flawlessly handmade, where a lot of effort and skills has been conducted to detail the bag so elegantly.

05 Marc Jacobs

A american designer which has succeeded in the fashion industry is Marc Jacobs. He established his own fashion brand in his own name, and is currently the Creative Director of the world famous brand Louis Vuitton. The Time Magazine wrote once about him regarding him as the top 100 most influential people in our world. Moreover, another magazine, the Out Magazine, regarded him as the top 50 greatest high-powered homosexual people in the U.S. One famous bag he made, was named the Carolyn Crocodile handbag. The handbag itself is worth around $50,000. A more affordable handbag that has been selling well is the Delray, an $2,000 pink leather bag with gold details.

04 Hermes

Hermes is one of the oldest luxury fashion brands. It was founded in 1837 in the French capitol Paris. A prominent Hermes bag is the Matte Crocodile Birkin bag. It has a price tag of above $20,000. But another variety of it has 10 carats of the jewellery diamond, and goes for $120,000.

03 Chanel

Chanel was established in the year of 1909 by the designer Coco Chanel. It is a French brand which is famous for it's luxury designs. Several celebrities have been seen using Chanel products, some of these are Nicole Kidman, Catherine Deneuve and Keira Knightley. Chanel made a bag with clasps made of white gold named the Diamond Forever. Moreover the diamonds have a weight of around 3.5 carat, and the handbag is currently priced at $261,000.

02 Mouawad

The Mouawad company makes the 2nd place, and is a brand well known for it's jewelleries, art and other fashion accessories. The brand was founded in 1891 in Lebanon by the designer David Mouawad. Their most prominent handbag is the Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse. It is being sold for around $3.8 million, and got nominated by the Guinness World Records for being the most costly handbag in the world.

01 Louis Vuitton

No surprise that we find the Louis Vuitton brand as the number 1 most expensive handbag brand in the world. Louis Vuitton was founded in the year of 1854, and has it's headquarters in the French capital. Six years in a row it was nominated as the greatest luxury brand. The most prominent bags they sell are the Raindrop Besace which is a water-resistant handbag with a price tag of nearly $2,000. Another famous bag is the New Age Traveller which in short terms is a backpack consisting of cellphone cables, and is priced at $55,000. A last but also prominent bag is the $42,000 Patchwork, which was named after it's method of innovation. It was created by patching pieces from 15 distinct Louis Vuitton handbags into one bag.

That's it, all the top 10 most expensive handbag brands in the world. Let me know what you think by commenting below. Feel free to ask any questions.

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