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As of this week, I am proud to have five Internet radio stations. Now, it's not the number I am most proud of, but the variety. I think I have the best genre coverage across the stations, offering something for just about every musical taste.

The question that I am asked the most is, naturally, whether or not I have a favorite? Well, I like all five, but I suppose one is more dear to me at the moment. Maybe it's just where I am in life now. The one that I listen to the most isSentimental Boulevard. It's certainly the one that stands out from the crowd. I haven't heard anything else like it, which is probably why I chose to develop it in the first place. It is music that shouldn't be somewhere collecting dust.

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So, what's the inspiration behind it? I remember a time, I must have been five or six years old, when I spent a lot of time with my cousin. She was a teenager and lived next door. I remember being in her room, with her friends, as they listened to records (yes, 45's). It was then and there when I became familiar with The Village People, Shalamar, Elton John and others. I think it was the music that inspired me to get into radio so many years later. And who could not like Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe?" It's pure and has a certain innocence. A nice reminder of simpler times.

As I grow older, the more I reflect. And it's the memories that matter. That's what Sentimental Boulevard is all about.

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